Youth stabbed to death in Malé

An 18-year-old man was stabbed to death Friday night near the restricted ‘green zone’ of the capital.

Ibrahim Agil, from the island of Fares-Maathoda in Gaaf Dhaal atoll, was attacked near the Maldives Monetary Authority building in Malé’s northern waterfront, a short distance from the police and military headquarters.

He was rushed to the ADK hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival, according to media reports.

The burial will take place after Zuhr prayer on Saturday afternoon.

The fatal stabbing was the third violent assault in Malé during the past week amid a resurgence of gang violence.

A young man who was attacked with a machete last Saturday remains hospitalized, according to Mihaaru.

Police confirmed Agil’s death in a press statement late on Friday night, promising “special efforts to stop violent assault and finding those who encourage such acts.”

It added: “Police will not allow anyone to encourage the spread of criminal spirit in society to destabilise the country and especially to portray the capital as a dangerous place. Harsh action within the law will be taken against people who act to facilitate or encourage such acts.”